is part of a retail group, consisting of 13 branches, which is looking forward to expanding its footprint in the coming years.


BY concentrating on providing practical solutions for everyday customer needs, we have turned ourselves into High Street market leaders in the retailing of printing and shipping, business and computer related services.


As a result we now hold a dominant position in the strategically important centres of Pietermaritzburg (5 Stores), the Natal Midlands (2 stores), South Durban (3 stores) and Bloemfontein (3 stores), where our newest Mi Office has just opened in Langenhoven Park.


Proof that our business model works lies in our average daily customer count, which is presently running at 250 per store and rising.


From day one we chose to operate according to a value system. Virtues such as honestly, integrity in business transactions and transparency in everything we say or do have served us well over the years. Our Service Charter is part of our company culture.


The logic of success dictates that we cannot stop here. In a fast paced world, we must respond immediately to each new demand of our customers, be it trading seven days a week, free Wi-Fi, printing from smart devices or state of the art machinery.


Our priority going forward, therefore, will be to cement our position as the office of the future through product expansion and innovation, useful to businesses and individuals alike.











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Frequently Asked Questions




Are you franchising?


The traditional franchise system is simply not sustainable in modern times. For this reason we intend pioneering a new form of partnership with interested parties, in order to establish an effective win- win operating model. We will be looking to team up with a national or international company that would purchase our business concept, with the view of creating a national/international footprint. Please watch this space


I need more information


Go to the ASK A QUESTION section on our website


Where do you have stores?


Currently we own and operate 10 stores in KZN and 3 in Bloemfontein. Refer to our BRANCH LOCATIONS on our home page for further information


Are you opening any more stores?


Yes, we are busy negotiating with various landlords to secure sites in Hillcrest DBN, Athlone PMB and a fourth store in Bloemfontein (northern suburbs area)


Can I open an account for my business?


We are not a registered credit provider and therefore do not offer credit terms, but we do allow for a prepaid account. Official registered company purchase orders are also acceptable with payment due in 7 days. Businesses can also pay via EFT or use their company credit card for purchases


I need a quote


Our website provides comprehensive detailed pricing and product descriptions. Should you require more information please contact your nearest Branch Manager, whose details are listed under BRANCH LOCATIONS on our home page


Explain your service charter


We got all our staff together approx. 15 years ago in an interactive workshop to understand and define what we would describe as our value system and company culture. The result was an amazing SERVICE CHARTER that has stood the test of time, and is what we live and work by each day


Do you have any promotional offers?


We run a number of different promotions throughout the year. These offers are posted under PROMOTIONS on our home page




Printing Services


What are your discounts on bulk printing?


We have three pricing tiers 1-99, 100-999 and 1000+. Our bulk prices are simply unbelievable. Please refer to PRINTING on our website for details


What quality of print do you offer? And what is the best resolution for print?


Our equipment is the latest state of the art Bizhub Konica Minolta C658 Digital colour A3 multifunction model, with high capacity dual scan and full mobile connectivity. It prints 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and uses PostScript3 to give you the best result


Obviously, the better the artwork/file the better the print resolution


What volumes can you print?


All our branches have the necessary equipment to print or copy volumes up to 20 000 pages, on a same day service. In black and white or full colour on A4 or A3 size


How long to complete my business card order?


We offer a sameday instore service of 50+ for R2 per card (this is a quick print solution in emergencies or for short print runs) in all our stores. As for a professional quality card, we sell a set of 500 cards on 300gsm board, in 24 hours from final proof, for R350


Remember, we design for free


Do you do A1 and A2 print or copies?


Yes, at the following branches – PMB Greyling Street and Hayfields,

Hilton in KZN Midlands, Westdene and Langenhoven Park in Bloemfontein and the Bluff in Durban


What is the thickest media you can print on?




What types of files do you recommend we use for printing purposes?


PDF’s and Word are the preferred files, but we can accept most file types


How long to produce a canvas print?


Canvas printing and mounting is a specialized service that takes 3-5 working days from order


Can I email you my print job?


Yes, but your order will only be processed once you arrive at the store


It is recommend that you print your own print job in store, as this is the most cost effective option for you


How do I get a quote for my printing job?


Send an email to your selected store or check out our printing rates on our website


Can I print directly from my phone or tablet?


Certainly, PAGESCOPE is a new and highly innovative mobile print application that we now have in all our stores. This allows customers to print directly from their own device via Email, WhatsApp, Bluetooth or USB. This is a quick print solution ideally suited for low volume print requests


Do you do offer photo printing?


All our stores have Mitsubishi photo kiosks that can print quality photos of 10x15 jumbo size


What about ID and passport photos


A set of six black and white or full colour for R45


What thicknesses of lamination do you offer?


All A4/ A3 laminations are 250 micron and A2/A1 are 150 micron


What types of binding do you offer?


Spiral binding is available in all our stores, wire and heat binding (type of book binding) at selected stores




Shipping Services


To which destinations am I able to ship couriers?


As a general rule you can ship items to any destination in the world. However exceptions do apply


Are there weight and size restrictions?


Yes. As we are a retail company, we do not accept any single item of more than 25 kilograms. A maximum volumetric weight of 40 kilograms will also apply


Can I track my shipments?


Online, yes, just click TRACK MY PARCEL on our home page


Do you offer packaging?


A full packaging service is available in all our stores


How long will it take to deliver my parcel?


This depends on what service type is chosen – An Express (overnight) or Economy (2-3 day) service is available


Which courier company do you use to deliver my items?


We use DHL exclusively for international shipments and a range of local courier companies for our domestic services


What does volumetric weight mean?


Volumetric weight is calculated by a formula to determine the amount of space vs the actual weight of the item. An example like a pillow would have a much higher volumetric weight than its actual mass. The higher of the two is used to calculate the shipping cost


How does the insurance work?


Insurance is charged at a rate of 5% of the declared value, to a maximum of R5000 per shipment. It covers loss or damage provided that we package the item. We do not recommend sending very fragile goods


Can I use your address to receive items?


We do allow customers to receive ad hoc courier parcels at any of our branches, provided that it does not exceed 10kgs in mass and is not of high monetary value


Should you wish to receive regular parcel deliveries, please contact your local Branch Manager as a small handling fee will apply


Can the receiver pay on delivery?


No, we do not offer a COD service, but the receiver can pay us directly via EFT


What is the definition of a main centre, regional and outlying area?


Main centres are all of the main metros and large cities in SA plus locations in their near proximity


Regional areas are defined as smaller towns. An example would be Ladysmith KZN or Paarl in the Western Cape


Outlying areas are more remote locations in rural areas


What is PARGO?


Over 800 PARGO counter collection points are available in SA for the convenience of the customer who needs to send an item that cannot be delivered directly to the recipient’s physical address, work or home


Clicks, Mr Video, Mi Office, Shell Service stations as well as many other retail outlets throughout SA are PARGO collection centres


What are your cut-off times to send a courier?


Cut-off times vary from store to store, but as a general rule all items received before 3pm (Mon – Fri) will be dispatched that same day. Contact your local store for further particulars


Will you collect shipments from my business or home?


We are a retail outlet and therefore do not have dedicated vehicles on the road to collect your parcel, however we do make exceptions, depending on the circumstances


What happens if the receiver is not at home?


Delivery will then be rescheduled for the next working day. As a general rule most shipments are delivered before 1pm




Business Services


What brand of rubber stamps do you supply?


Trodat, in all our KZN stores and the Modico brand in Bloemfontein


How long to complete my rubber stamp order?


All Pietermaritzburg and Bloemfontein stores can offer a same day service. Our other outlets provide a 24- 72 hour turnaround service


Do you offer various ink colour options for a rubber stamp?


Black and Red ink are the standard options. We can order other colours on request


Name Badge 1 hour service?


We can produce Name Badges within 1 hour from order in all our stores


What colour paper and board do you stock?


We stock a selection of pastel and bright 80g paper, 160g board as well as A2 board in full black, white or in your standard colour types

A 250g A4 business card gloss board is also available




We stock a wide selection of convenience stationery useful to businesses and individuals alike


When does the new stock of calendars and diaries arrive?


August and September are the months that our stock for the next year is delivered


Do you have any mailboxes for rent?


Only a selection of our stores offer a mailbox service. Of these, some are presently completely full, while others still have some boxes available


Contact your nearest branch for further information




Online Services


Can you type or design on request?


We offer graphic design, DTP and typing services on demand


Do you receive emails on behalf of customers?


No. We assume that, in today’s world, all our customers will have their own email accounts


What about sending of emails?


There are two service types for email sending that we offer


The first is a scan and send directly from a multifunction printer, the other is a full service email sending from a PC. Different service rates apply


The easiest option is to rent a PC, scan and send from your own account


Do you offer scanning @ Mi Office?


A full service A4/A3 document scanning is available, as well as plan or poster scans at selected outlets


Need to print, check your email, or surf the internet


PC Rental @ Mi Office – keeping you connected, only R6 for the first 10 minutes and 60 cents per minute thereafter


Do you have free Wi-Fi?


Yes, but there are restrictions